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The U.S. Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance (US PREF) is a coalition of senior level financiers who invest in all sectors of the energy industry, including renewable energy. PREF members meet with policymakers to provide their perspectives on how renewable energy finance policies affect the market, and how proposed policies could affect the market. US PREF is not a lobbying organization or an advisory committee to government, rather it is an educational program that provides expert input on how the renewable energy finance market works.

  • Network Establish partnerships with the leading financiers in the industry on an unprecedented level
  • Meet Build relationships with policymakers and government agency leaders while discussing how current, pending, and proposed policies impact the U.S. renewable energy finance market
  • Strategize Interact with fellow senior level financiers to review strategic issues driving private sector investment in US renewable infrastructure and generation


  • Provide data and analysis, from the perspective of leading executives in the investment community, on how renewable energy finance policies affect the market.
  • Educate the public sector to assure renewable energy finance legislation impacts the market as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • Help to unlock capital flows to renewable energy projects in the United States.

By accomplishing these objectives, US PREF has been successful in establishing its reputation as a highly valuable, credible, and unique educational resource in Washington.